rachela abbate Old-City_2 bait al karama

In the late summer 2009, I travelled with the artist Beatrice Catanzaro through the West Bank and made eventually  the acquaintance of the members of the Nablus Old City Charity Society. With one of them, Fatima Kadumy, we worked out the idea to build up something together that could combine capacity building for the women in Nablus and artistic activities, two years later was the opening of Bait al Karama. the first women center combining a culinary social enterprise with activities of art and culture, run entirely by women. In these two years among founding Bait al Karama  I was occupied with conceptualizing artistic operation which should merge with local social activities  going beyond the geopolitical context. Here I deepened the researches about archives and maps, as information and knowledge structures.
With the official opening of Bait al Karama in 2011 I concluded for myself this still ongoing project.