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starting with a new project: civil disobedience

To communicate and expose myself in social media and in a blog is more than strange for me. Well, there are many reasons, but this is another inspection for another concern. The actual concern and reason, is my new project Civil Disobedience. Obviously a political art project with which I aim, next to cover some social aspects, to join in collaborations with non-artist who are engaged in sociopolitical activities. A  journal can be, in a way,  a documentation of all the processes that will evolve. And hopefully create a space for dialogue.  Let’s see… I dived in some great texts, some of them are new for me and some of […]

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Social Soups is part of the Festival: Margherita d’Ayala Valva will moderate the talk/discussion entitled Il Cibo da Prodotto di Consumo a Strumento Creativo  ( food : from consumer products to instrument of creativity) with Social Soups  – Rachela Abbate and Maria Rebecca Ballestra – and the Social Soups guest artist/designer Eduardo Malagigi. Save the date June 9th,  6.00 – 8.00 pm, Fortezza Vecchia in Livorno Here the festival booklet:


again a new website

Again a new website. And each time I try to start with a journal.  A public journal. Strange this communication method. I’ll try not to make it too personal. I wish it could be something to share with. Like everyone does, in the end. Even the most intimate journal is written and kept safe. For a revelation one day. Kafka didn’t burn his journal himself, he gave it to his best friend to do so after his death, but Brod didn’t. Maybe it is there the wish of being revealed by writing as forming a thought, an emotion, a vision. Then being revealed by others. Maybe communication is about being […]