rachela abbate History-in-an-Onggi_2 history in an onggi

Installation History in an Onggi in collaboration with Rebecca Ballestra for the Sea Art Festival –Busan Biennale 2013 in Busan, South-Korea, with the theme: “With Songdo: Remembrance-Marks-People” awarded with the second prize.

History in an Onggi is an installation related to the interconnection between personal experiences of the locals and traditions through history, moreover how traditions can lead to sustainable technology. The relation of culture and nature will be mirrored with and multimedia installation in combination with traditional craft’s objects.

Both artists are concerning in their researches and artistic operations the connection between social complexities and aesthetical matters in order to initiate a situation of transformation possibilities.

Technology and its sentient implementation is a result of knowledge and collective intelligence expressed in tradition. One of those “time proofed” traditions is the Korean art of pottery, mirroring the merger of manufacturing mastery and philosophy. The related technology embodied in the Onggi is still in use. As the Onggi represent various spheres of traditions, history of the collective, and of the single life, we would like to artistically combine tradition, personal history, and new technology by using the Onggi as space, where expressions take place, pointing to conservation and fermentation i.e. transformation. As the Onggi-making includes the four elements: water, earth, fire, and wind, on the beachside are placed four Onggis, in which is projected videos and installed aural material related to each element and containing interviews, images, a film of the inhabitants of Busan/Songdo focusing on a different life and work situations related to Songdo, and featuring the natural environment in the combination with technology.

rachela abbate history-in-a-onggi_inside history in an onggi