Fractalis® commissioned a new logo and a packaging image on the base of the Arum of the Herbarium series.

The logo I created corresponds to my field codes and are presented in the frame of Fractalis® as “strings” alluding to the different character of the product.

rachela abbate Strings_logo-Fractalis_Rachela-Abbate-for-Fractalis-copie-copie-187x300 fractalis ®
Strings – Fractalis® logo


Fractalis® is a high quality 3D color coat for interior designers and architects and is moreover an environment and health friendly product. It is a liquid tool which adds layers of texture, color and pattern to walls. Internationally known, the color /pattern coat plays its part in interiors of Hilton, Comme de Garcon, and others.


More information about Fractalis ® and the man behind it, the artist and owner of Fractalis®, Gianluca Vernizzi.



rachela abbate FRACTALIS-Final-copie-copy fractalis ®
Packaging Fractalis®





rachela abbate arum_Herbarium-series-by-Rachela-Abbaet fractalis ®
Arum, Herbarium series, photography on paper, 30×40 by Rachela Abbate








rachela abbate dark-leaf-with-white-background fractalis ®
Arum for Fractalis® -Herbarium 2019





rachela abbate Sans-titre-2 fractalis ®
Arum for Fractalis® -Herbarium, 2019


Thanks to Gianluca Vernizzi for engaging me and for helping me in the creation process!