In a series on black cardboard (all 70 x 100 cm) I trace forms of connectivity imaginaries.

The word connectivity is one of the foremost important ones. The concept of connectivity is present in science, politics, art, communication, in the understanding of almost all phenomena resulting in researches and interpretations. From the connectivity of the tree’s DNA to the brain cells to digital communication structures, everything is connected. Now we are so used to think in ways of connectivity but only a few decades ago the concepts were classified more as a philosophical or religious chat.

Awareness is transforming…

The drawings represent a variety of reflections on the concept of connectivity. Connections usually are thought of as a link between monads, cells, or whatever being and most of the time these connections are pictured as lines. For example, these connections are known in nature as tubular structures in bodies, plants, and minerals. A line has a beginning and an ending or both in a point or unity. Thinking in lines and field creates always a negative-positive/inside-outside/empty-full categorization instead of thinking of an all-over with still discernible qualities.

All the monads or unities are connected with another monad or unity. By this connection activity, lines are traced leaving a residue called space. Connectivity appears as a spatial paradox.

Being “in-line” can have other forms as well if thought on multidimensional levels, like waves or rays as an energetic connection activity. The formation of connectivity is endless, what else could be the starting point or ending of a connection in time and in space?

Wires as connection

This series is my second one on the idea of connectivity. The first was an elaborated photographic series using the pictures of wires I took in the South-Korean city of Busan. The everyday use of electricity is so obvious and including the view on the sky alludes to the ether as energetic connection.

For sure, I will continue working on the imaginary and concepts of connectivity. This is a fundamental topic to elaborate which touches diverse spheres. The main project Commutecture is the frame of the variation of connections in space and communication.