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categories on nature as video

  Categories on Nature (more to follow) reflects on different philosophical and anthropological approaches in conceptualizing nature and human in nature. In Western traditional concepts, the thinker and her position in nature have to be defined, making out perceptions and imaginations. Thinking is a process of categorization and judgments tracked mainly in written language. Archives are hereby architectures of collection and control. The text combination is playing with referring and differing issues which never reach original meaning; reflecting on dependencies between perception and structuring thinking. The work Categories on Nature (more to follow) consists of 370 paper sheets and is to be hanged on a wall. To see and understand easier […]

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Commutecture is a larger work concept dealing with text as communication architecture. Different work series reflect on the interrelation between text as sign and images, whereby the written language is understood as a tracking and construction device for thinking and its related shifting operations. The so-formed structures or architectures of language have a deep impact on social and cultural life and consciousness. We can therefore say, that language is a basic condition for almost all spheres and levels in societies and cultures. The protagonists of Commutecture the protagonists are archives, categorizations, codifications, texts, and text organizations. Works with different topics and aesthetic expressions crossing diverse media.       Text Architecture […]


again a new website

Again a new website. And each time I try to start with a journal.  A public journal. Strange this communication method. I’ll try not to make it too personal. I wish it could be something to share with. Like everyone does, in the end. Even the most intimate journal is written and kept safe. For a revelation one day. Kafka didn’t burn his journal himself, he gave it to his best friend to do so after his death, but Brod didn’t. Maybe it is there the wish of being revealed by writing as forming a thought, an emotion, a vision. Then being revealed by others. Maybe communication is about being […]