Starting in April, I post every day on Instagram and christian hüls not only liked the calendar days, he even got inspired to write about it. These beautiful and positive poems have their own lives but I’d like to show them here together as a cheerful play.

  Here is christian hüls’ bio:

As clinical chemist, Feldenkrais practitioner, poet, improvisation performer by movements, sounds and words i’m curious about the plasticity of the brain. How affects awareness in movement and art the entity of body and mind, how the self-image can grow and thrive, how much non-verbal brain activity we have left in our everyday life awareness.

As a small child, we learned loads without any words. The more language we get the less aware are we about it. If you listen to music you like, if you look at an abstract painting or read a poem that touches you, you may be able to explain most of it with your words. There might be something left, something you cannot catch with words but without a doubt, it exists. This non-verbal part i prefer to call, where art begins. The rest may in the best case be good craft.

This art, the joy to create it or just to experience it, together with a thriving self-image, a relaxed body, and the always underestimated breathing are vital parts of our wellbeing. They are all connected and they lift our life beyond eat, sleep, die into something much more enjoyable.

As a poet, i’ve been quite active in my mother tongue German during the nineteen seventies and eighties. Since the nineties, i changed to Swedish after i moved to Sweden. Since twenty-ten i even write in English. Creating poems is to me quite therapeutic, a deeper way to communicate and a lot of fun by playing with words and in between the lines.

Welcome to enjoy art by taking part and even being part of it!”

poems by days

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