This is the transcript of the non-space podcast episode.

Architecture is also an enormous topic of which I’d like to sketch only a view lines, just to understand with which basic elements I work.

Spaces in architecture have functionality. Theses spaces are designed with a specific purpose. They correspond to basic needs as protection against environmental influences like rain and temperature and we need structured spaces for our diverse activities.

But there are other purposes in architecture. It appears that our societies need designed structures to represent social positions and to influence social valuing. Architectures are needed to represent the power and the importance of one or some members of society.  Architectures articulate social spheres and social interactions. Architecture is as well the design of the quality of spaces in specific cultural or social contexts and can be used to influence our perception and consequently our being.

 For example, urban architecture shapes our way of moving through the city, and more important, how we feel and think in spaces. We have structures in the city we find enjoyable because of their beauty and these structures give us confidence making it easier to relate to others. Then, we have buildings and spaces which let us feel oppressed and insignificant. The urban architectures, are like materialized energies. They reflect our culture, our history, our social structure, and social justice.  To sum up we can say, first: that architectures are crystallized historical and social concepts and secondly: designed spaces are never neutral, they are intentional.

Architectures not only reflect certain energies but they create them as we said before. Going the same way to work every day creates a space of influence on the being, like in ritual movements or other repeated activities, these energetic architectures influence like a hypnotic rhythm our thinking, feeling, and behavior. Therefore, every architecture, is much more as a symbol of power or social value, it is its important instrument and vehicle.

The main condition of architecture is its intention. Enough to reflect about, when we think of the origin of the word architecture: the Greek word archein means to rule; archos means leader or ruler. These conditions of architecture of structuring society and the beings within we find in other spheres: in organization and distribution of knowledge, information, and communication. In the next episode, I will talk about these other forms of architecture: text, communication, and archive about which my works are often dealing.  

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