An example how tools i.e. technologies are extensions of our body and body functions is the nerve-net. The nerve-net is a communication complex, in an ongoing process of connecting, informing and building cells as a response to the inner and outer world. Imaging this nerve-net without the limits of our body, which in orthodox thinking would be the skin, we could see a constantly growing and everything connecting web. And the imaginary and the real result from each other.

My work project The Truth of Virtuality which I will continue and is showcased right now in the group exhibition Labirintica in Gorizia in Italy (in the Galleria Belo 189). The group exhibition  (with Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Julien Friedler, Mauro Panichella, Berty Skuber, Robert Smithson, Aldo Spinelli) is part of the project Labrys is by Maria Rebecca Ballestra and curated by Giorgia Gastaldon.

Here the first complex of the first part which is showcased. The Truth of Virtuality is composed of single photographs of moments describing definitions and categories of thinking. If put together, these images create like a mosaic an expandable net. Rhizome-like, single images can be the starting point of another net or agglomeration.The model for this work is the communication of the brains and the nerve-net which have similarities with digital nets. This work will be continued whereby colors, definitions, and drawings  are change

The here presented network consists of photographs of crayon drawings on transparent paper, added writings, and printed on rickbond.

rachela abbate virtual-labyrinth-845x851 #social body: nerve-net and the communication technologies


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