The Good H:E:A:R:T: is a contemporary dance performance about the female heart as a place of resistance in the social body.

The performance is developed in collaboration with Carmen Moreira (director of SQx Dance) and Josephine Craig Penner (SQx Dance).

 The piece is structured in 3 parts ( The Good Heart; Resistance; and Aufhebung – Triptych ) and has a gallery version with ca. 20min and a stage version of ca. 45 min.

Videos and sound installation are forming the stage setups.

Drawings and photography as well as prints in limited edition are part of the project. At the end of the production (mid-2020) will be launched an art book.

The dance project The Good H:E:A:R:T: is reflecting on the idea of the social body, mainly on the concept of resistance as female quality situated in the human heart. In a modern understatement, resistance is a sociopolitical activity of disobeying, opposing or refusing injustice or other ethical absence. And at the same time, of advocating policies, principles, and universal values for the natural and social realms. Resistance can have different forms and expressions, mostly non-harming. At the core of The Good H:E:A:R:T: is the idea of resistance as a possibility of regeneration and transcendence. So, this attitude in resistance could be characterized as female and is inherent in all human beings as awareness, recognition, as well as empathy, are conditions of knowledge and transformation, going beyond dichotomy and conflict. The characteristics of resistance are often represented by the symbol of the heart, in its cultural/religious and physical meanings of connectivity, care, sharing, creation, transcendence. I structured the work in three units whereby the third unit has three parts itself. By the German word Aufhebung is given the complex definition of the “good heart” as the meaning of this word is threefold: 1)preserve, conserve; 2) abolish, suspend 3) transcend, sublate.more here

Rachela Abbate: script and artistic director, video and sound design

Carmen Moreira:  choreography, dancer

Josephine Craig Penner: coordination, dancer

rachela abbate Logo-Sqx-Dance-Company_black-and-white-e1554286041284-150x121 the good H:E:A:R:T: - dance project




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rachela abbate Carmen-Moreira-845x471 the good H:E:A:R:T: - dance project
Carmen Moreira; photo ©sqxdance

rachela abbate Josephine-Craig-Penner-845x544 the good H:E:A:R:T: - dance project
Josephine Craig Penner; photo ©sqxdance



The Imperatives project

This dance piece is a successful first collaboration in the frame of Imperatives, writing a major chapter in its experimental Encyclopédie Raisonné, the art dictionary on knowledge communication and social awareness. The Imperatives project is about art in relation to the inner principle, the consciousness, and how it finds its expression in political activities, mainly in form of civil disobedience, and is related to knowledge communication and discourse. Diderot’s dictionary in the 18th century as a tool for enlightenment and subversive activity is a model for my experimental Encyclopédie Raisonné to organize all the topics and to create a format which allows growth and distribution independently from its author. One of the three classifications is Nature with its main chapter, the social body. go to Imperatives

4 thoughts on “the good H:E:A:R:T: – dance project

  1. Dear Abbate, I like the idea of the female heart and in combination of a place of resistance in the social body. Genius! The out come is the contemporary dance performance which also includes the good heart and the beat sound. This is my interpretation.

    Many Regards from Frankfurt

    1. Dear Engin,
      thank you for your comment, happy you are liking it so far. You are right, it’s a dance including diverse aesthetical forms and diverse subject levels. There will be more information and things to see with the time. stay tuned! ; ))

  2. i love the idea of project, it seems marvelous indeed
    Gorgeous job for dancers and for the connection with females…
    I need to read more about it
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Youssef,
      during this summer we are in the process! Nevertheless, I’ll post during these months but for sure there will be more texts and info starting with September.

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