The works developed during the three months of residency at Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency in Beith Sahour, West Bank/Occupied Territories were focused on the environment of Oush Grabh (Crow’s Nest in Arabic) and the ex-military base on its hilltop. Oush Grabh – part of the village Beith Sahour- is a wadi on the border to the desert close to Bethlehem. As it is not inhabited or cultivated it is left now in almost natural conditions, showing the “wounds” of the conflicts and of pollution. The ruins of an ex-military base from Jordanian occupation times are the dominant landmark of the zone, the ruins of former habitation were less visible.

In the same time, Oush Grabh is a very important place because of the migration birds – more than 520 species – landing here during their migration for different reasons one as the special vegetation. Oush Grabh is on the path of more than 500 million migration birds passing over the Syrian-African crack (Jordan Valley). The paths are lying between south and eastern Africa and north and eastern Europe and Asia.